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            princess cruises how to make a cruise care free and enjoyable

Oftentimes considered travel’s open secret, a cruise is the best of all worlds: the thrill of wanderlust in transit between point A and point B, combined with the plush and luxe amenities of a world-class resort.

But this is just scraping the surface—the details behind the cultivation of carefree travel often get lost in the summarization. For a deeper delve into what your stay onboard a modern cruise ship may entail during your carefree cruise.

Imagine if the restaurant menu extended far beyond the restaurant itself: A freshly-prepared Mai Tai on the balcony of your room. A decadent slice of cheesecake whilst sitting beside the pool. A whole pizza (you’re on vacation) while watching an open-air movie under the stars. All of the above is the case on board a cruise ship. Indulgence extends from stern to bow, with there being no limit to where you can order or what you can enjoy.

Everyone knows cruise ships are full of amenities designed to make the most of your time at sea, but the specific examples often don’t get the conversational spotlight they deserve. In truth, your cruise ship is more like a city than a floating hotel: Broadway-level live entertainment, world-class gaming to rival the likes of Vegas, spas as soothing as any wellness resort and activities for all ages in mind mean that no two days onboard ever have to be the same, unless you want them to be.

With the technological capabilities of the 21st century, the makings of a carefree cruise rise with the tides of innovation. All of the above, everything you’ve just read, is leagues better when sailing with Princess Cruises’ MedallionClass™. The key to Princess’s success is the Ocean Medallion™: a quarter-size piece of wearable technology that unlocks all of these experiences. With it, ordering your heart’s desire is a breeze with the least amount of effort on your part. Play for keeps with the ship’s games from the comfort of your bed. Coordinating the location of your party on the ship is just a tap of your phone screen. Doors open for you with it, literally—your stateroom door recognizes your Medallion and unlocks as you approach it. Summed up, the key to a carefree cruise is the Ocean Medallion.

Eager to enjoy all the trappings of a carefree cruise? Speak with one of our travel agents before you do. Their knowledge and expertise can help you find the perfect itinerary for you, and their professional relationship with Princess Cruises guarantees perks and amenities you didn’t know you were missing.