The stunning Akaka Falls is one of everyone’s favorite things to see — from residents to tourists — so you can’t afford to miss it. This natural spectacle is one of the Big Island’s most alluring sights and is well worth the time to visit. Discover why an excursion to visit the Akaka Falls is a definite bucket list item for travelers to Hilo’s shores.

Travelers planning a trip to Hawaii might be asking themselves, “Is this remote? How do I have time to see it during my cruise stop?” Great news — the Akaka Falls is a featured stop on the Waterfalls Spectacular shore excursion from Holland America Line. This intimate group excursion makes it easy to visit the Akaka Falls. It’s also extremely convenient to cruisegoers spending a day at the town of Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island.

This excursion includes a stop to see the Rainbow Falls from a distance, which flows from the Wailuku River. It’s Hawaii’s longest river and winds 28 miles of churning, fast-moving water through lush rainforests, culminating in the Rainbow Falls. The waterfall is named due to the mist it produces, showing an iridescent display of colors to the delight of observers. This wonderful sight sets the magical mood before the group moves to the Akaka Falls, the true tour gem.

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Hawaii island is known for fire and its continual flowing lava, making the juxtaposition of the water even more captivating. Set against a verdant tropical forest, lush with trees, emerald plants and more, the Akaka Falls towers more than 440 feet and cascades down in a mesmerizing flow. On your journey, you’ll have the chance to see abundant flora, including thick groves of bamboo, fragrant wild orchids and more. This memorable sight makes a lasting impression upon everyone who sees it. Take time to visit the Akaka Falls during your upcoming travels to Hawaii.

The town of Hilo is a huge attraction to those visiting Hawaii, whether by cruise or for an extended stay. Hilo, like the rest of the island, is filled with verdant plant life and is home to a range of top things to do for everyone in the family. Children love the aquarium and other exhibits at the Mokupāpapa Discovery Center. They also adore the cultural and astronomy-focused exhibits at the Imiloa Astronomy Center. Nature enthusiasts appreciate the many parks, such as the Liliuokalani Park and Gardens. Needless to say, this brilliant port is appreciated by all.