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Most vacation ideas for couples seem to be catering to newlyweds, which we know they simply bring right along with them everywhere they go.  But they aren’t the only ones who need that time away from the daily to-do list to reconnect.

In fact, a strong connection between romance and travel was confirmed in a U.S. Travel Association study, in which two-thirds of respondents viewed travel as a means of rekindling romance. With these easy ideas, you can add a little romance to any vacation!

1. Invest in VIP or romance packages.
You don’t have to be newlyweds to enjoy the honeymoon experience. Many Karisma resorts and hotels offer packages specifically designed for couples who wish to strengthen their connection. Romance packages may include everything from your private butler to a beach side picnic.


2. Reserve dinner at a romantic restaurant.
Whether your culinary tastes are exotic or thoroughly unadventurous, you and the one you love most will enjoy deepening your connection over a candlelit dinner. Enjoy dining in your room or reserve a table near a window; this will allow you to gaze at the sunset or night sky as you enjoy your delicious meal.

3. Book a couples massage.
From bills to childcare, it can be easy to let daily stressors harm your relationship. A couples massage helps you release those worries and live in the moment. Relationship expert Carole Lieberman claims that, by inducing relaxation, couples massages help partners connect on both an emotional and sexual level.

4. Choose exciting activities.
Thrill-seeking behavior and physical attraction are closely linked, and as a famous study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologyfound, men on high, unstable bridges were far more likely to reach out romantically to female experimenters than those on lower, sturdier bridges. This understanding can be implemented into your relationship through the pursuit of thrilling activities such as skydiving, and ziplining.

5. Dance the night away.
Remember the early days of your relationship, when you would dance until dawn at your favorite nightclub? Recapture the passion on the dance floor at your favorite adult-only resort.

6. Enjoy breakfast in bed.
After a long night of dancing, nothing will get you and your sweetheart recharged quite like breakfast in bed. Enjoy a delectable meal while watching the sun rise over a stunning ocean backdrop.

7. Book a room with a private Jacuzzi.
The hot tub experience is ten times better when it occurs in the privacy of your own room. There’s nothing quite like relaxing together in the Jacuzzi after a long day of romance and excitement.

8. Choose accommodations with babysitting or daycare.
Couples-only trips are ideal for promoting romance, but if you absolutely must take the kids along, be sure to choose accommodations that offer babysitting or daycare services. There’s nothing wrong with family time, but you and your partner should spend at least one evening together, free of distractions.

9. Avoid technology.
It’s impossible to build a meaningful connection with your spouse if you spend the entirety of your vacation plugged into your laptop or smartphone. Avoid the temptation to document every single excursion on Snapchat or Instagram, and instead, commit to keeping your vacation as technology-free as possible.

10. Incorporate cherished memories into your new adventures.
New activities and destinations are perfect for shaking up the monotony of everyday life, but sometimes, the familiar is just as capable of stirring up romance. Whether you book an anniversary vacation to your honeymoon destination or simply incorporate a favorite playlist from your early days into your trip, you’ll enjoy traveling down memory lane and observing how far you’ve come as a couple.