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Get to know your passport!

Now that you have your new passport or you have renewed your passport know how to use and protect your passport.

First things first!
►Check the spelling on your passport and make sure it matches your legal name and sign it!
►Keep your passport in a secure place like a safe.
►If your passport is lost or stolen you want your travel agent or someone you trust to have a copy of your passport.  Take a picture of your passport page that has your picture and passport number and ask them to save a copy.  We are able to attach a copy of your passport to your client file in our secure system.

►You also want to keep a copy of your passport with you while you are traveling.
►If your passport is ever lost or stolen you want to report it immediately by calling 877-487-2778.

►Use STEP - Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

    Before every international trip you want to enroll in STEP to receive travel and safety updates during your trip. 
    When you enroll in STEP, U.S. Embassies  and consulates around the world can contact you during an emergency.

To enroll for free visit

►Be sure to check with each countries entry and exit travel requirements before you go as the requirements are subject to change. As a general rule, you should have at least six months validity onyour passport before you travel and this information can be found at

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Passport contact information:

   Inside The U.S.  Outside The U.S.

General Passport Information

Lost or Stolen Passport 877-487-2778
Emergency Travel Assistance 888-407-4747
International Parental Child Abduction 888-407-4747 202-501-4444    


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