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Wish you could check off both of the above at once? Enjoying all the trappings of a modern metropolis as well as vast stretches of unperturbed wilderness? Consider the likes of Australia. The southern cities sport as much culture as any European equivalent, while the middle of the continent houses the vast Outback—a massive 2.5 million square miles barely touched by humanity. For those with a penchant for history, the Native civilization is certain to captivate: traced back 75,000 years, they are the oldest civilization on Earth—a collective living relic of humanity’s roots. The way their tales and fables weave with the land turns all of the Down Under into a museum. Through a historical lens, can’t-miss bucket list items like Uluru carry a significance that can’t be transcribed beyond goosebumps.

Ready to start crossing off experiences on your bucket list? Give one of our travel agents a call. Not only can they use their professional knowledge and expertise to help you craft an itinerary of life-changing moments, but also they can provide perks and amenities from the leading names in travel—such as Princess Cruises—that you didn’t even know you were missing. Summed up, our travel agents are the secret to experiencing the monumental moments dreams are made of.

If you hear the call of the wild in your heart, forget manmade mountains. Head for the northern hills of The Last Frontier—Alaska. There, the possibilities are as sprawling as the forests, and just as enchanting. With almost all of the landmarks designed by Mother Nature herself (the towering glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park, the largest mountain in North America at the heart of Denali National Park and the annual whales flitting about the surface of the bays, just to name a few), it’s near-guaranteed you will feel humbled by the splendor on display in this untamed kingdom of nature.

As far as legendary sights go, Europe is the verifiable breadbasket. Every major city of every country has something to see—a remnant of the past, a relic of yesteryear connecting the modern world to its roots. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Colosseum in Rome. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. The possibilities are as endless as the continent itself, lending your list-fulfilling adventures to a deep dive into a single country’s offerings, or bunny-hopping from one country and discovery to the next.