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Vacation EZPay

You can now set up EZPay for your vacation booked with Nationwide Cruises and Vacations as soon as your vacation is deposited and you have more than 120 days prior to your final payment date.

How does Vacation EZPay work?

Your cruise or land vacation must be fully deposited.
The final payment must be more than 120 days prior to your final payment date.
The same credit or debit card you used for initial deposit will be used for each payment.
You can charge different amounts for each payment.
EZPay payment must be $100 or above.
You will receive a confirmation after a payment has been posted.
After EZPay payment has been processed it can not be changed or refunded.
Your final payment date can not be changed.

How do I set up vacation EZPay?

After your deposit has been paid your travel counselor can set up EZPay or email with your booking information.  If you use the email option a counselor will contact you to confirm dates and amounts.

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